Screed Block


Protection against rising damp and efflorescence


  • Primer Slurry
  • Corrosion Protection on Steel
  • Additive for Renders and Screeds

Packaging: 15L, 5L, 2L


Tamsi SCREED BLOK is a latex additive used to improve bond strength and waterproof properties of cementitious compounds. When mixed with sand and cement it creates a strong bonding slurry to be used as a waterproof primer and sealer. It can be used over porous and non-porous surfaces in external, underground, exposed or immersed applications.

• Improves adhesion of cement slurries
• Improves waterproofing properties of slurries and screeds
• Prevents efflorescence
• Prevents rising damp and salt attack
• Concentrated formula
• Solvent free and non-toxic

• Primer slurry for Tamsi membranes
• Waterproof slurry for sealing
• Corrosion protection of steel
• Adhesion enhancer
• Substrate preparation for renovation and coatings
• As a bonding primer on building surfaces
• Additive for renders and screeds